Kumkum Bhagya 30th August 2016 Written Updates Online Episode Zee Tv: Aalia Threatens Sarla & Beeji

Kumkum Bhagya

Raj was talking to Mitali and was talking about their relation, Raj was praising Abhi because he was the only one who has made them stay together. Dadi asks all of them to have food, but Abhi was already full and tell them that he had food already at someone’s else home. He told them about their experience there and their heart-warming welcome and lovely time he had at Tanu’s home. He praised them very much and also their food, all the things is his favourite and them served it very heartily, he also appreciates Dadi’s love for him and she was a very bog fan of him.

Kumkum Bhagya

They all ask about their names but he didn’t remember their name and tells as the girl was fighting with her all the time and also that he finds that there is some connection with them of his. They all start getting curious about who they were and how they know his favourite.

Aaliyah was very annoyed and he was ready to fight with him over this topic, as she had promised in a party that she will bring Abhi there and as he didn’t come he feel ashamed of not keeping her promise in front of many people. She comes to home and starts looking for Abhi, she asks Dadi about him and Dadi tells that he had already done his food at his fan home. Aaliyah starts questioning about his fan’s home and family and she starts taking different names as he forgets the name of that fan. She also takes the name on which he remembers then name and says yes.

The next Day Beeji tells to Saira that Pragya will not be able to come to come to the office because of his fractured leg and will going to take a day off, Saira then sounds a little annoyed to which Dadi feels and then she agrees to handle the work alone. Aaliya after knowing all the things gets to Beeji and Sara and warns them of her character which she is backing off every time.

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