Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Zee Tv: Pragya Cries For Abhi

Pragya KumKum Bhagya

The show starts and we see Abhi is trying to put car brake but he couldn’t and thinks how to tell Pragya that he will not come back ever and calls her.

Nikhil thinks to see Pragya with fear of death and sees that speedy car and gets shocked seeing Abhi in it and says its impossible, there Pragya put kumkum on her forehead and picks Abhi’s call happily and speaks nonstop and says that she was missing him and they will do what he wants and asks him to drive safely and to come back soon as she doesn’t needs breakfast but needs him. Abhi tells her everything and says that we were different from each other but love united us and now its time to be separated and asks her to marry someone else and to move on in her life.

Pragya KumKum Bhagya

She asks for promise to take care of her and family and she asks is he joking or what, its cant happen coz she has applied kumkum of his name and asks him to do something but Abhi says now I cant do anything and I got the chance to do something for you as you did a lot for him and his family.

He says that I will die but my heart will keep loving you and now I got lesson of my life and says I love you fuggi and his phone falls from his hands and his car falls in valley, then Pragya runs out of the house crying and asks for lift from a lady(raina from brahmrakshas) and she gives lift.

Pragya tells her that her husband is in danger and lady asks her to keep trust on her love as it will save him and a man comes in front of car and asks to go from any other route as brahamrakshas hates sindoor and married woman then raina drops Pragya and she finds the accident spot and people tell her that the man in the car lost the balance and fell in the valley with car and Pragya screams and a lady stops her to jump and says that.

She will take her there, there Purab reached that house and finds the door left open and sees jacket of Abhi and gets confirmed that he was with Pragya and he didn’t tell him and gets worried finding not them there.There Nikhil calls Aaliya and tells her that Pragya was not in the car Abhi was driving that car and fell in valley and he is no more now then aaliya gets shocked and asks him how can he kill her brother and she will not leave him and will him.

She tells tanu that abhi is dead instead of Pragya, Aaliya says to Nikhil that even though she had differences with her brother but he was her brother and he truly loved him and she cant forget him and says that she will never forgive Nikhil for that.

we will see that Pragya is in the car with a lady and tells her that they had met with much difficulty and now again they are separated and cries a lot.

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