Kumkum Bhagya 5th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Zee Tv Recap: Pragya Knows About Aaliya And Tanu

Kumkum Bhagya

The show starts and we see doctor is asking ward robe to fill the form and write dead on arrival on that after informing Pragya, and Pragya is in shock and recalling their memories seeing Abhi, and ward boy covers white sheet on Abhi and Pragya stops him.

They asks doctor to check him again as he is just unconscious and will be get up if you treat him and doctor makes her understand that he has died and they cant do anything now and she touches his gave and says you cant die and folds her hand and asks doctor to check again but they says the same after rechecking that he is no more.

Kumkum Bhagya

There Dadi asks Mitali to drive fast and sees OM in the car falling and says its a bad sign but Mitali asks her not to worry everything will be fine. There doctor asks Pragya to do paper work but she cries saying that Abhi cant go leaving her, he promised her to do marriage again.

Now he cant be a liar and says that I know you are joking but enough now please open your eyes and says that see I applied Kumkum and wore Mangalsutra after many days and I wont let you go now, doctor says that case is closed now but Dr. Jatin asks them to respect someone’s feeling and not to say case its a life of a person and nurse asks Pragya to calm down.

Then pragya asks nurse that where is that injection I wont let him go, he has to get up and nurse tells that here it is but its of no use now but pragya takes it and grab it on his chest and says that he cant go after saying her to wait else she will go with him and hugs him then she feels his heart beat and tells to nurse.

Then she checks and informs to doctor that patient is alive and they say its impossible and get shocked. Then nurse tells them that pragya gave him injection on chest then his heart started beating even I have checked and its true then doctor goes to check and asks nurse to shift him in OT and tells pragya that they will try their best and its a miracle. There aaliya and tanu talks worriedly and

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