Watch Kumkum Bhagya 6th September Written Episode Updates Recap Zee Tv: Abhi Gives Flowers To Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya

In the last episode of Kumkum Bhagya we saw that Aaliya asked Abhi about his staff in recording company. Aaliya asked him about receptionist (Pragya). Abhi praised her a lot and Aaliya asked him to stay away from her as this can go viral. Aaliya was thinking that this is complete danger for me. Aaliya was moving out and Abhi speaked the name Fuggi. Aaliya was shocked to listen this, she asked him about the word Fuggi. Abhi said this word came into my mind and I used it in my song.

Kumkum Bhagya

On the other hand some guests were there on Pragya’s home and she Pragya was lost in her dreams of Abhi. Pragya recalled all her loving time with Abhi and was smiling. Aaliya called Pragya and asked her to come out of home. Pragya came out and Aaliya asked Pragya what she is doing? Aaliya made her recalled what doctor said and what Dadi said. Pragya was shocked when she came to know that Aaliya knows about everything. Aaliya asked her what she is planning to do with Abhi.

Aaliya said she knows everything about his contract, that company and about Abhi. Aaliya said may be you met Abhi randomly but still you continued to met Abhi. Pragya said I never tried to make him recall anything. Aaliya said you are planning to take Abhi’s life for the sake of her happiness. Pragya said you came here because you are in fear that Abhi will recall everything. Pragya said even you came to know that we both can’t get separated and you and Tanu are aware that you both will get exposed if Abhi will recall everything.

Pragya said destiny is making us unite. Aaliya said with my existence you both can’t get reunite. Aaliya said I need to do something critical with which Pragya will never come near Abhi. Aaliya planned to make Tanu close to Abhi. Aaliya took Abhi along with her and made him met an NRI producer Mr. Gulati. Aaliya made Abhi to focus on Abhi during a shoot.

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