Kumkum Bhagya 7th August 2016 Written Episode Updates: Bulbul Gets Shocked On Pragya’s Leaving Home!

Kumkum Bhagya

the show starts and we see Aaliya and Tanu asks about Abhi to Pragya in hospital and she tells them that he is in ot and they go there. Then Purab asks Pragya that why did she inform them.

Pragya says that Aaliya is Abhi’s sister and then Purab tells her about their plan of brake failing and there Aaliya asks everyone about Abhi and no one replies her, then nurse come out and they asks to her and she says that he is critical and they are operating and asks them to keep silence. Then Pragya slaps Aaliya and Tanu and asks them to get out as they are the reason of Abhi’s condition and they get shocked. There sarla gets call of Purab informing about accident and she cries badly, Beeji and Sarla leave to come hospital. Aaliya asks Pragya that what she want and Pragya says that how can a sister try to kill her loving and caring brother. she tells her that just for your revenge he married me and did a lot for you so you should be feel lucky but you tried this.

Kumkum Bhagya 7th Aug 2016

she says that all her problems is because of Aaliya so should she murder her. Then Tanu says that they have come to see Abhi not to hear her lectures and Pragya stops Tanu saying that they are here just to check that is he dead or alive. Then Aaliya accepts their crime and explains that they wanted to kill Pragya not Abhi as they knew Abhi was not in the city.

she says that its a coincidence and Pragya should had been in the car but her destiny was good so she saved and he met accident, then Pragya cries saying her destiny was bad as she should have died. Then Purab says that they cant understand her feelings and consoles Pragya and says that he will not leave them. Just then doctor comes out and says that he is out of danger now and Pragya thanks him.

Doctor says to dadi that she is very lucky to have a Bahu like Pragya as they had fails but only she brought him back to life and asks Pragya to meet Abhi after he gets consciousness. Pragys comes and sits at his bed side. Then Sarla and Beeji reaches there and asks dadi about Abhi and Pragya, dadi tells her that Pragya is inside the OT and tells them that how Pragya saved Abhi and praises Sarla’s teachings. Then they all pray for their unity and safety.

There Pragya cries saying how can your heart stop beating and holds his hand. we will see pragya talking to abhi alone that they will now celebrate all occasions together and abhi is unconscious.

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