Kumkum Bhagya 9th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Abhi Lost His Memory


Pragya recalling their happy memories sitting beside Abhi. There Tanu talks with Nikhil on phone that abhi didn’t get consciousness till now and Nikhil thinks of running away from there. She tells Nikhil that Aaliya is became a caring sis now and she will not leave him, then he tells Tanu that its not his fault as he checked Pragya was alone that time.

But Tanu asks him to not to come there and he gets worried about his career and what to do now. There Purab tells Dadi that abhi will be fine soon and goes to bring injection. Then aaliya asks purab about Abhi’s condition and he says that is she trying to fool Abhi with her fake tears. Then she tells that she didn’t want to kill abhi and that plan was planned for Pragya, then he says that everyone know abhi cant live without Pragya. So he will definitely get died if anything would happened to Pragya, and thanks god for sending Bulbul to save him from Aaliya and asks her to do a favour and stay away from him and Abhi’s life.


He says that she is a selfish woman and everyone knows it. There Pragya talks with unconscious Abhi and says that god has returned him to her and everything will get fine soon, and they will have a daughter named Abhigya as he wants. She asks him to come home soon as he will have to start his work and concerts also, and sleeps near him while talking.

Then Pragya asks Sarla to go home and to take rest and Sarla asks her to have food as well. Then Pragya thanks god for saving abhi and says that she is very happy as her kumkum is with her. Then Pragaya asks Sarla to come later as she insists to see him and they leave. Then Tanu asks Aaliya to leave with her as they cant stay here.

Aaliya says that she will meet her Bhai once, then Tanu asks her that he will not hug you when you meet, even he will ruin us. Then Tanu thinks what to do now as she cant leave Pragya alone. Pragya tells Abhi that she has taken a dream in that Abhi wants to say something just then Abhi holds her hand. She gets emotional and calls nurse.

we will see abhi asking to aaliya that from when he is in hospital as he cant remember anything, and aaliya thinks that abhi has lost his memory and knows only till when she went to Australia for her exams two and half year back.

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