Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi To Sacrifise His Life For Pragya


The most rated and Zee TV’s top TRP show Kumkum Bhagya is moving with a continuous twist of loss of Abhi’s memory. In between to this interesting flow, there will be one more twist going to arrive for all the viewers. Kumkum Bhagya will again showcase an accident with Abhi in which he will get shot by a bullet which will liberate to kill Pragya.

In some last episodes, we saw that Dusshehra preparations were going on in Mehra house while on the other hand Aaliya and Tanu were planning to make Abhi ready to marry Tanu. As Abhi and Pragya are moving close to each other thus Aaliya and Tanu will get jealous of this and will plan to kill Pragya.


In next episodes, we will see that Pragya will get injured and Abhi will move to save Pragya. Abhi will pick her up and will bring her home. Seeing Pragya and Abhi close Aaliya and Tanu will get aggressive and Aaliya will plan to do Pragya’s murder. She will call a sharp shooter and will ask him to shot Pragya on Dusshera celebration.

Earlier Tanu planned to kill Pragya but now Aaliya planned to kill Pragya as she wants Pragya to be out of Abhi’s life which seems to be impossible. The story track of the show will take a turn when Abhi will come to know about this evil plan of Aaliya and he will move to save Pragya.

The shooter will point towards Pragya but Abhi will come in between to save Pragya and Abhi will get shot by the bullet. This emotional turn in the story may lead Abhi’s memory to come back or can move to a new twist too. Now it is awaited that what story has been planned by makers. Till then stay tuned with us and keep watching Kumkum Bhagya on Zee TV.

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