Kumkum Bhagya: Story Till Now From Pragya’s Aggressive Look To Alia’s Flop Evil Plans


Kumkum Bhagya is now going on with the ups and downs in Abhi’s and Pragya’s life. The recently come on the top list of stealing greatest TRP. This is saying to be good that the episode takes a leap of 2 years in which Abhi loses his memory for 2 years and forgets that he gets married to Pragya. The going episodes are featuring Pragya working in Abhi’s office and just want to be close to him.

kumkum-bhagyaThe character Aaliyah in the story who is Abhi’s sister and didn’t want Abhi to get close with Pragya. The story takes a turn with Abhi’s major accident which had turned the story into Abhi’s and Pragya’s love story in new style. Recent days Abhi is starting care for Pragya and calls her his favorite fan.

On the other side he starts going to her house and gets involve in her family again, but Pragya destiny wants something else this time too. Aaliyah is always in a seek to tease Pragya at any cost. She has the motive to get Abhi and Pragya dispatch and for this, she always makes some cheap plans.

Pragya is always there for Abhi and show is showing them both coming close day by day. As it is tough to say now that did Abhi gets his memory back or if yes then when, but it is sure that the show gets a great response from the audience by this plot. On the coming episodes, we are going to see Aaliyah making a plan to prove that Pragya is  characterless by hiring a boy.

Aaliyah will not get successful in her plan and her plan will get a flop. This is going to be interesting that what will Pragya do at Aaliyah cheap game this time. Aaliyah will get lose again in front of Pragya’s believe and goodness. Stay tuned with us for more updates and entertainment news like this.

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