“Kundanapu Bomma” Telugu Drama Movie 4th day Box Office Collection Worldwide Earnings


Another brick in the wall, Kundanapu Bomma, the romance and thrill movie which was released a few days earlier has gone black jacked now.

The movie starring Chandini Chowdary, Sudhakar and Sudheer Verma, Kundanapu Bomma is getting low and low with each passing day. The movie has been criticized very harshly by everyone. The movie is a lost cause. The director of Kundanapu Bomma, Vara Mullapudi has failed to execute a perfect routine of romantic movie. The movie in which Suchi( Chandni), is seen playing the role of a landlord daughter whose father is very keen on marrying her with but she is not at all interested in marrying him. She instead falls for Vasu (Sudheer) who is playing the role of a car mechanic in the movie. Kundanapu Bomma has been rated very less with 1.4-1.5 stars out of 5 by the major critics in the country and is doing very bad.


However, the new star here namely Chandini Chowdary has done very well and has received much appreciation but overall movie has done bad to her acting also.

The movie has collected a total of Rs 9-9.5 crores till now and can be expected to go up to 14 crores in the first week, this movie has a very little chance of survival in the industry and a ten day period is the crucial part which if we consider the present reviews and ratings Kundanapu Bomma, looks very critical in getting to.  M.M Keeravani has provided the musical chords for Kundanapu Bomma .

Today’s collection can be expected upto 12 lacks which will be a decent amount if the talks about the movie is concerned.

Overall the movie lacks a concrete plot and and lacks any contemporary items. Still we will be eagerly waiting for it final collection. Stay tuned with us for it, and if it falls down, don’t worry it’s a divine intervention.

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