‘KWC’ Kabaddi World Cup 2016 ‘Korea Vs Australia’ 15th October 2016: Live Match Streaming, Highlights & Updates


World Kabaddi League is marking some very exceptional and amazing matches, while the audience is having a very great excitement for the games and also the engagement for the games is very exceptional.

As we saw a very great match last night in which England smashes the Argentina with 68-28 in the group A and with this win the England has topped the chart by overtaking Bangladesh at number three, while this defeat made Argentina with the bottom place. Now the team standing of the 12 teams are very impressive as the two groups which are divided into two groups are having a very great fight among the matches. In the group A, Korea is on the top with 3 wins and no loss and in the group B, Iran is on the top with 3 wins and no loss.

australiaThe today match will go to be between South Korea and Australia, so the match will going to be a very interesting one as one team is topping the chart and another is trying to get up from the second last of the bottom.

As the Korean team is having a very exceptional player Jang-Kun Lee, who is one of the star player in the Pro Kabaddi which is another Kabaddi tournament and is benefitting Kun Lee in many ways as he is now very much trained in this game because of playing with some very great Indian Kabaddi players who have already played on International level.

korean teamThe Korean team is having a very great time in the tournament with no loss and is also having many expectations to win today’s match too. While on the other hand, Australia is not having a very great time and as they have got only 1 win the match their expectations to play better this time is very much needed because the game today is not going to be easy at all.

The game is going to e quite interesting as both the teams will going to  give their best shot, Korea to retain their best place and Australia to do better and attain a higher place on the point chart.

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