“KWC” Kawaddi World Cup 2016 ‘Thailand Vs Japan’ Match 19th Oct: Watch Live Major Highlights & Updates!


The 30th match of “Kabaddi World Cup 2016” is the last match before the semi-final is going to be on 19 October Between Thailand Vs Japan. The India Team is moved to the semifinal their opponent is selected on the basis of this match, so Indian audience also having the excitement of this match.

Japan team looks deemed comparatively low on strength despite beating the United states & Poland in their first two games. They would go to lose against the Iran & Kenya in their last two matches. Recently the Japan team moved to the Group B at 4th position with 11 points.


japanTheir last match which was on 16 October against Kenya team in which they are losing by (27-48), in this two players gives their best efforts Kazuhiro Takano & Etsuki Manita who both scored 6 & 5 points. It is a tough competition by the Iran team as they are only one team who steadily made ground on the International Stage in Kabaddi.

Their second loss is with Japan Team this is only by 4 points (38-34), in this match captain Masayuki Shimokawa scored 8 total points & player Kazuhiro Takano pays his best efforts by scoring 4 total points. This time, Japan has to win from Thailand to move to the semi-final match.
On the Other Hand, Recently Thailand team is at 3rd position in Group B with 15 points.

As Thailand started their first match with a loss against Iran Team, after that the young Thai Team comes with a bounced back to win consecutive against Poland, Kenya & United States. Thailand gives a very pretty impressive performance in their match on 13 October against Kenya win by 53-21.

The captain of Thailand team Khomsan Thongkham lead from the front & scored 14 points which lead to an outstanding win to his team, they make a strategy as they pointed the dangerman of Kenya David Mosambayi which results in him to sent back to the bench for 24 minutes.

Also shown their technique & skills in their victory matches. Last played with the United States team defeated them by (69-22). Now they are set to match against Japan Team.

The Squads of Thailand Team:- Khomsan Thongkham(Captain), Chanwit Wichian, Pramot Saising, Warit Songsri, Khunakon Chanjaroen, Peeradach Jantajam, Sasithon Rungsawang, Aniwat Phakphian, Phodsawi Sawangyai, Santi Bunchoet, Sarawut Hopet, Kittichai Kanket, Phuwanai Wannasaen & Tin Phonchoo.

The Squads of Japan Team :- Masayuki Shimokawa(Captain), Yosuke Sasaki, Yuten Kawate, Shota Miura, Etsuki Manita, Makota Sawazu, Terukazu Nitta, Masaki Hatakeyama, Takuya Kikuchi, Shingo Saito, Tetsuro Abe, Kazuhiro Takano, Akamitsu Kono, Yasushi Nakajo.

Let us see which team is going to play semi-final match with the India Team. Live Telecast in India will go to be on Star Sports 9 p.m. onwards, in the United Kingdom at Sky Sorts, in United States Of America at Fox Sports, in Canada at CBN, in the Middle East at OSN sports. For more latest news stay connected with THENEWSRECORDER.

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