Lake Erie has a severe algae bloom in store; predict scientists

Researchers have warned that one of the biggest algae blooms can be found in Lake Eyrie soon.

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration reports finding heavy rain during the month of June and believe that this could potentially lead to the largest bloom of algae in the lake.

This bloom will be more harmful that it is helpful. The report was found by systematically putting together bloom forecasts in the area.

The worst algal bloom that occurred earlier covered a distance of nearly 2,000 square miles of water in 2011. Back then, the water was swirling with green slime.

Lake Erie

Richard Stump, an oceanographer, working at NOAA’s National Centers for Coastal Science, says that this forecast will serve as an early warning helping those who need to plan for it.

Organizations that handle the monitoring of lake quality will be made ready. Cities will also be prepared so that they can start treating water.

The cyanobacterial algae will decimate Fish population in the lake. The blue-green algae consume oxygen thereby creating a dead zone.

Toxins that are harmful to humans will also be produced, additionally reducing the area available for swimming and other lake-related activities.

Water will also have to be treated and filtered before drinking.

Such blooms are most common during August and September. They are also the worst during this time.

The previous bloom in 2011 was ranked at ten/ The bloom last year was rated at 6.5, and this was sufficient to contaminate 400,000 people through the polluted drinking water in Toledo.

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