Latest Movie “Rough Book” 4th Day Total Box-Office Collection & World Wide Earnings

Rough Book

A movie which shows the the reality about the Education system and all the sufferings which the children’s and their mentors face while searching for the Rarely found Education.

A movie likewhich is made by an excellent filmmakers which describe what they assert to be the problems of the Indian educational system. Impeding opportunities for growth, and what they believe to be teacher’s typical demand and shows what is mentality of the others towards education in India. Rough Book is basically a hard but true look at the education system in India. Even though one of the finest systems in the world, the drawbacks in the system have created issues that are threatening to clog the methods and ways of learning in contemporary India. The story revolves around the division among the today’s students and on the basis of their remarked grade.

Rough Book

This movie is based on actual experiences and sufferings of parents. The teachers and students told through the eyes of a teacher, Santoshi Kumari, who has gone through a recent divorce with a corrupt senior Indian Revenue Service officer to become teacher of Physics.

Her pupils are in the D division. It is sarcastically refers to the Duffers in the school by students and teachers. This is the story of Santoshi and how she tackles a system to set her own terms for her students forms the bulk of a simply told education, thought-provoking and urgent film.

The rebellion of the teacher and her students are put to make a relevant and contemporary movie which shows the real mentality of the human nature. The movie is quiet good and is loved by all the audience not just because the movie the movie is based on real event but because the movie plotting is very good and all the actors are very amazing in the movie.

The movie is doing a very amazing work and is going on fast and furious speed on the box-office and is doing good a collection all over the world and many expectation from the director of this movie is expecting so much from this movie and has got lot of praises from the critics and audiences on this movie.

The total collection and day wise collection of the movie is as follows. The movie has done a great job all over the cinema and showed a good response all over the box-office.

The movie is a must watch if you want to see the reality of Education system.


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