Latest Spoiler Alert: ‘Supernatural’ Season 12, Upcoming Updates & Airing Dates By ‘CW’

Supernatural season 12

One of the most followed American Horror Fantasy Tv series which was created by Eric Kripke and was first ever broadcasted on 13 September 2005 on the WB.

The show is basically focused on two brothers who are Sam and Dean Winchester which is being portrayed by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, their core motive and focus is on capturing and hunting Demons, Ghosts, Monsters and those supernatural beings which are unknown and unseen to the normal human world. The series is being produced by Warner Bros, Televisions and in association with Wonderland Sound and Vision.

Supernatural season 12The show is very famous for his viewership and counted many nominations and awards for every series. The show was firstly scheduled for around 3 seasons and then it was later expanded to five, fifth season which consists of many twists and the main story line of the serial. It has also become one of the longest-running series in the North America.

This time, the series is coming for the 12th season and will go to premiere the very first season of this upcoming series on 13 October 2016. The last season which was ended on a very high note and makes so many suspences rise is still marking on the upcoming season, there were rumors that the show will go to back-up after the twelfth season but there are no confirmation made to this news while the CW president made all these rumors addressed at the Comic Con event this year.

The teaser trailer of the Season 12, when announced and showed in the Comic Con, makes so many questions rise, one of the questions is will the mother Mary Winchester will be revealed and all the secrets of her will going to be revealed.

Check out for the Teaser Trailer Below:

The role of Mary will going to be portrayed by Samantha Smith and will definitely go to reunite with her sons Dean and Sam in the season. Andrew Dabb has recently confirmed that there will not be a guest appearance for her, but she will be playing an important and thrilling role in the episodes.

All the secrets will be revealed by the time Dean and Sam’s mother will going to enter the show. Below is the teaser trailer for the Upcoming season of ‘Supernatural’ season 12.

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