Latest Updates About ‘DC: The Legends Of Tomorrow’ Clears All Doubts About Obsidian “The Green Lantern’s Son”


The series  ” The Legends Of Tomorrow ” season 2 will air on October 13 Thursday. The tagline of this series is “when heroes are alone are not enough, the world needs legends”.

Not like any other  superhero series this series is about a group of legends from which one can see the future yes! Rip hunter in this series can see the future so which forces him to collect desperate villains and heroes willing to save our world from the devastating happenings in the future . Also, the son of the green lantern is in the group. Though the group does have a history when the groups played the unforgettable role in the “Absolute justice ” of Smallville, they retired later. But they are back with all the action in their Armour mode ,in this time- traveling show.

legends-of-tomorrow-2The group does contain Stargirl, Dr.midnite, Herman, son of green lantern (alan Scott), Rip hunter and much more. Obsidian is going to be too eye character because it is played by Lance Erikson , the science fiction, and horror film genius.

Curiosity is on the hike to see him. Also the green lantern’s son alan Scott is gay! yes, him being gay is a thing in this story, it’s really a surprise for us. One of the lines says “if you are lucky enough to find love again , after all, that happened to you well embrace it “and then obsidian says ” son he is waiting for me at home ” so it’s all loud and clear him being gay. no doubts.

Talking about his family no one know if alan Scott ( green lantern) or his daughter Jade is ever going to join him on the silver screen , Why all 3  of them don’t work together ever.

Well, this is going to be a mystery. The Obsidian character has already made a cameo appearance in the show Smallville   . Whether  eventually see alan Scott on “THE LEGENDS OF TOMORROW ”  is a topic of speculation .

obsidian-image-2In Smallville, the group was already dead  and gone if some of them not then they were in different time lines, to just to correct the future Rip hunter collects the heroes from the past basically beyond the grave and makes a group out of it. Not even single hero was present in his own timeline ?. These heroes are playing with time soo much I think that Stephen hawking is going to enjoy it very much .

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