Launched! “Rob Zombie’s 31” Official Trailer Showcased A Gruesome Carnival Game


A Rob Zombies film 31 which was an awaited one released its first trailer today. The trailer is too much amazing and hits a great response just after its release. When it comes to fear and thriller the film stands perfect for both of these words. The film is schedule to have its worldwide premiere on 16th September 2016. The film is an american independent horror film which will shatter all the records.

From the sound effects to the motions which were showcased in the trailer everything to best at its peak. In the first trailer of 31 it was shown that the gruesome carnival game will begin which will turn many into thriller. The game will run with many captives and there will only be one rule i.e. to survive for 12 hours. The zombies will make their target and will try to cover a wide area and many will decide to oppose them all.


With this you will surely become a fan of Rob Zombie’s directional movies. The best musician, director, writer of Hollywood films Rob Zombie is now back with his movie 31. The film was an awaited one and with the launch of its trailer the film moved in hype and news updates.

The crux of the story is based on a group of carnival workers who will get trapped as hostage just before the night of Halloween and will be asked to take part in the deadly game by crazy clowns. The game will be a death game in which one has to survive for 12 hours. Clowns will start killing them one by one and this will be the most thriller and scary part of the movie.

People reviewed the trailer with best comments. As people were eagerly waiting for the next movie of Rob Zombie and today the trailer of 31 released. The poster of the film depicts the feel of thrill and fear. Watch the trailer presented in between the article and keep your eyes on The News Recorder for more updates like this.

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