Lawsuit: Jim Carrey Behind Cathriona White Suicide, New Statements Shows Abuse Of STD’s & Many Outrageous Allegations


A recent news has shocked the Hollywood industry and marking a very serious blame over a very known and talented personality Jim Carrey, whose lawyer has blasted the accusation of giving his ex-girlfriend STD’s and this later leads her to commit suicide. This lawsuit has been filed by Mark Burton, who is the estranged husband of Cathriona White who come close to Jim after not so long friendship.

She later died tragically because of drug overdose in last year 2015, this news was amended on Thursday to include the allegation that White was allegedly committed suicide because she had sexually transmitted some disease which was she believed to be given by Carry. This blame was seriously denied by Carry’s Lawyer Marty Singer and calling all the blames to be ‘Outrageous’ and pointing out the situations which was between White and his  husband relation which was because of their sham marriage. Singer also insisted the allegation which blames Jim for posing a physical threat to White and sexualy transmitted disease were nothing more than just categorically disputed.

cathriona-whiteSome of the statements which come to light in this case were Significantly, the alleged text messages which was referred to were sent in 2013, yet in November of 2014, Ms. Cathriona White sought out my client and asked him to continue a serious relationship. This raise serious questions about the relationship between Jim and White, why should White ask Jim to stay in the relation if she is suffering wrong consequences because of Jim.

All these questions were raised when Burton filed the case for the wrongful death suit with some new documents which claims that Carry had a text exchange with Carry and that text message consist of word STD and its use in February 2013. The allegations didn’t ended here and Burton has also claimed that Cathriona was tested and had Herpes Type I, Herpes Type 2 and Gonorrhea.

cathriona-white-2Burton also claims that Carry asked Cathriona to stay quiet about the STDs. Further study of the documents tells that, there are claims that before Cathriona, she had written a letter to Carrey in which she said the alleged sexually transmitted diseases would make it difficult for her to move on and find a new lover after they had broken up and in the letter she claimed herself ‘Damaged Goods’.

Some Images from the Funeral of Cathriona White:

jim-carry-2jim-carryjim-carry-funeralAll these claims started to raise unanswerable questions which are not seeing any possible and end and after the further claims and statements given by Burtin the case is getting more and more confusing.

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