‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Season 2: {Spoiler Update} What’s Between Obsidian & Green Lantern?


Legends of tomorrow season 2 is coming up with a Justice Society Theme. Lance Henriksen is playing the role of a Todd ‘Obsidian’, Rice member of justice society on Legends of Tomorrow season 2. The show is going into the depth of character’s history and fans are surprised to see this. After all, Todd Rice is not just anybody. He is the son of Green Lantern, the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott.

It is not Hal Jordan who has been teased many times on Arrow. Green Lantern connection is confirmed. It is found that the Legends of Tomorrow version of Obsidian is indeed Alan Scott ‘s son and the show is going right for it. TV’s first ever team of super villains is recruited from the ranks of Arrow and Flash’s deadliest adversaries. And hence a group ‘Legion of dooms’ is there.  A snazzy poster is out for season 2. This poster shows Legends of Tomorrow season 2 regroup  with a couple of new chums in the natty season 2. The poster for Legends of Tomorrow season 2 teases Maise Richardson seller’s vixen and Nick Zano’s Citizen Steel as well as returning characters from season 2. In the previously released poster, there’s full team. All decked out and looking amazing.

obsidianTodd is going to be a central figure this season. This season also refers to Todd’s troubled past and internal struggles, sort of urgently things. Mr. Henriksen revealed on comicbook.com that there’s everything ,being Green Lantern’s son and his gay is all there in this season. It’s all real things. It is treated honestly, kind of urgently.

The CW has released the hefty synopsis for Legends of Tomorrow season 2. It is evident from the synopsis that Hourman will have to round up the wave rider crew despite the fact he happened to meet them all at the end of season 1. It is learnt from an announcement at San Diego Comic-Con that the wave rider crew will be fighting a dastardly cabal of villains ‘The Legion of Dooms’.

legends-of-tomorrow-latest-newsNick Zano will play Dr. Nate Heywood known as Citizen Steel by comic book fans. In comics, Nate was a retired football star but in the show, he will be a historian, whose grandfather was Commander Steel ,a member of Justice Society of America.

legends-of-tomorrow-2-jpegLegends of Tomorrow season 2 will debut the premiere states side on Thursday, October 13th. An awesome new poster is released for Legends of Tomorrow. Few images of teasings of Legends of Tomorrow season 2 have been shared on twitter. Legends of tomorrow season 2 is exploring season 1’s cliffhanger.

musical-crossoverNew Image teases of Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash  and Legends of Tomorrow crossover.

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