Leslie Jones & ‘Mr. Robot’ Founds Who Hacked & Leaks Their Images In ‘SNL’ Sketch


Nowadays, it’s going viral that private photos and information are hacked by the hackers. These hackers are spreading day by day  and there should stick action taken against him. We are talking about the Mr.Robot which is an American drama-thriller television series created by Sam Esmail.

In her  series 2 which is premiered on July 13, 2016. Which is created by Sam Esmail, executive produced by Chad Hamilton, Sam Esmail, Steve Golin & producers are Niels Arden Oplev, Sam Esmail, Chad Hamilton, Steve Golin. The Comedian and actress Leslie Jones on Saturday night live reached to television top computer genius find to know who hacked her website over the summer. It finds was a little, well, hackneyed. There are so many up and downs in the last episode which was telecasted last Saturday Night Live.

Mr. Robot - Season 1The host Margot Robbie who is a very talented comic actress herself through the episode went to under-utilized and a huge impression scored by Alec Baldwin of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. A parody of Mr.Robot who is featuring SNL featured player Pete Davidson convincing Rami Malek on the highlights of the closing sketch.

The private photos and information shared on the internet of Jessie Jones, they reached to know that who hacked her website in the their sketch. Some rumours and jokes are pulled on jones that she probably hacked herself in this solution, she literally put her password as “password”.

I can’t understand that how she put them in a such a horrible situation. If she takes a decision take what they are setting her password, take pause and then set a strong one. One should set a strong password so no can imagine easily.

The private information and photos who were hacked off the people are released them to in the first place. It also happened to Jones herself to her sketch put him in the hot seat for which she is not responsible.

Mr.RobotThe people always blamed the women of hacking their private photos and it was an identification that the jones face inside the manila envelope was just anything other than a quick ending followed by a joke that how pale Eliot is although she said before is true about the kid is a sheet. So there is the end of Jones story that her jokes make him respond in any way through her comedy. It didn’t work for the Jessie Jones. For the more latest trending news and buzz, stay connected with THE NEWS RECORDER.

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