‘Lethal Weapon’ TV Series: The Legendary Movie Got It’s Tv Show Remake & Its Just Unbelievably Thrilling

Lethal Weapon Tv series

Lethal Weapon which is one of the biggest and most thrilling action filled franchise is back with a Tv series which will make sure that every single episode will going to let you go crazy over and left you waiting for the next one.

The Tv series Lethal Weapon is an Upcoming American Action/Drama Tv series which is based on the action Movie series of the same name which is being created by Shane Black. The series is all set to have the broadcast on FOX on 21 September, 2016. The show which is prepared totaly to every single core on the genre of action and thrill and the name will surely tell that the show is all about the very renowned Lethal Weapon which will take you back to the 80s and 90s when heroes like Danny Glover and Mel Gibson works together to make you feel the action till the very spine.

lethal-weapon-new-tv-seriesThe only difference is that this time you don’t have to wait for longer and full years, because the next episode will be telecasted the next week.The show is about two guys from whihc one is Damon Wayans who is portraying officer Roger Murtaugh, but the biggest thing is that he is too old for this action and thrill and gets too much exhausted.

The Simple cop who always wants to do the right thing but he is very much worried about being in his home before late night and to his gorgeous very supportive wife being dine by Keesha Sharp after eery single day.

And the other one which is Clayne Crawford whis is being portrayed by Martin Riggs, who is a very crazy freaky guy and the suicidal rogue, who lost his pregnant wife in a car crash accident and is now he is one of the reckless hero of the police force. The show is all set to have the biggest and most thrilling action onwards a the show is expected to become the best and get the same affection and viewership as the movie got everytime and every single sequal.

lethal_weapon-movie-stillsThe starting of all this takes place when Riggs’ wife dies unexpectedly and he then moves to LA. After joining the police force he got to beocme the partner up with Murtaugh who is just returning to the force after a very delicate heart surgery.

lethal-weapon-tv-seriesThey start teir first investigation but the thing are just warming up and then after sometime, what seems like an open-and-shut suicide case, later leads both of them to a cadre of drug runners. Their journey led them to Car chases, explosions, shootouts and a few well-placed quips follow.

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