Let’s Celebrate 11th October As ‘International Day Of The Girl Child’ Wishes Quotes Images


11th October is known to be as one of the most honourable and important days in the whole world, As this day is remarked as International day of the Girl child and this day also has an international observance day which is declared by United Nations.

While the day is also known as the Day of Girl Child  and it was first celebrated on October 11, 2012. This day have so many significances because this day remarks and observes the opportunity for girls while creating and increasing the awareness for gender equality which is being largely faced by the girls worldwide.

idfg-3This inequality turns out to includes the areas such as the right to education, access to the education, proper nutrition, having equal rights, proper medical care and treatment, protection from discrimination, violence against women and end the most disgusting mentality of child marriage.

idfg-2The International day of the girl child was initiated began as a project of an international plan which is being started by a non-governmental organisation which is the sole responsible for the operations worldwide.

This day has initiated many large institutions and campaigns which later results in betterment and improvement of the condition and situation of the girl child in the society.

idfgThere are lots of events and campaigns which is being celebrated worldwide and many organisation organise special and dedicated events for this day which remarks the importance of this day and not only for a single day but throughout the lifetime of a being to dedicate their single day for the betterment of a girl child in the society.

idfgcThe many events which are held worldwide are got to be sponsored sometimes by United Nations. The methods or ways to celebrate this day might be different but the motive and aim for celebrating this day are same and that is to know the importance of the girls in the society and in human life. So Let’s celebrate this special day with our loving girl child and make their day special.

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