‘Limitless’ Season 2: Netflix Opens Up Reason About Why There’s “No More Hope” For The Series


Fans are waiting for the announcement of the show taking the time slot to show months after cancellation of ‘Limitless’. Fans are still hoping for the second season. Fans were really shocked when they got to know that CBS has refused to air ‘Limitless’ season 2 while Craig sweeney provided a good synopsis for the second season.

Season 1 was ended with good finale  and even new characters were added to the series. Season 1 ended leaving two questions behind. first was regarding whereabouts of Senator Edward Mora and what has happened to Mora. The other is what would happen to Brian now.  And ofcourse do Ilk and Rachel get anywhere? So the series could easily be taken ahead While Brian needs a new secret or motivation of some sort. But it was totally unexpected when ‘Limitless’ and ‘Supergirl’ were cancelled for the next season by Netflix.

limitless-season-3-newsLater on ‘Supergirl’ was taken up by the CW. Fans were still in hope that either Netflix or Amazon would pick up ‘Limitless’ season two. According to CBS a possible station to air the show is soughtafter.

Amazon had given the statement that it did not want to continue the show. Netflix was the last hope left for the second season but it only  gave a chance for ‘Limitless’ season 1. Fans were really very much disappointed to know all this and Craig Sweeney ‘s answer to this exaggerated the disappointment.

‘Netflix is not confident with the complicated plot of series that’s why they are not picking up the show ‘ as told by Craig Sweeney. After this fans were eyeing executive producer of the show ‘Bradley Cooper’.

limitlessThey were hoping that he will save the show, but he is pretty busy with his latest project, that is a movie. He is director of the movie which stars Lady Gaga. He is more interested in directing. Craig Sweeney recently tweeted an update on  ‘Limitless’ season 2 and crashed the hopes of fans. He tweeted “Sorry , but yes. 100% gone”.

It seems the whole team associated with limitless season 2 has already given up. ‘Limitless’ show is based on the film of the same name. Those who have seen the movie know how the story will go and what the climax will be. Although the story became repititive, Fans are still anticipating that being with good storyline, any network will pick up it.

It is now sure to create more spectators than ever before. Some fans feel a little spin is required to make the show even more interesting .

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