Live Score: Telugu Titans vs Bengal Warriors PKL Pro Kabaddi League Season 4 2016

pkl 2016

The two teams of Pro Kabaddi which has one of the strongest and the most amazingly performing team. But both the teams didn’t get their chance to show their best performance. But who knows that it might get chance to show their valor in this match.

The team of famous Telugu is being led by Veera Sports backed by Core Green group, Greenko group and NED group who owns the Telugu Titans. Veera Sports is led by Srinivas Sreeramaneni, co-founder and Chairman of the Core Green Group along with Mahesh Kolli & Anil of Greenko Group and Gautham Reddy of NED Group.

pkl 2016

The Core Green Group which was founded in 2009, is a leading player in agri-business industries like sugar, power, bio-fuels and bio-fertilizers and also works with various software companies.

The star raider of this team is Rahul Chaudhari from Telugu Titans won the prestigious Raider of the Tournament has get many times award in the inaugural season of the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi.

The other team which has been powered by the might of some of the finest Indian and international talent Bengal Warriors represents the City of Joy Kolkata in the Pro Kabaddi. This team has been owned by the Future Group as Bengal Warriors is led by Nilesh Shinde and is coached by Pratap Shetty.

Both these teams has been giving their best since the season’s beginning and today might counter and get the chance to see the one of the best games and match in the tournament. This game didn’t get only top leading players or athletes but it sometimes counts top leading actors of the industries and many big and top tycoons of the world. Many of them owns the teams but who didn’t get chance to own them they gets to see their loving team playing their best and winning their way to finals.

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