Live Updates: Bhouri Movie Reviews Ratings Public Response Hit or Flop Box Office Collection


Movies sometimes are based on real stories of human’s past experiences and his sufferings which gives another an excuse to don’t follow the same way or he/she should also have to face the same consequences which he has suffered.

So a movie on real stories is sometimes what the audience want. They want a real story in which they can feel the same pain or to get a message to not go to wrong ways or to get distracted from your way. A Bollywood movie featuring the same example is going to release soon and you wouldn’t believe that the whole story is based on a true event which happened in the earlier time. Bhouri a thriller drama based movie which will going to release today in cinemas and the director’s first chance to prove his worth on big screen.


Some of the main leads of the movie is

1. Masha paur

2. Raghubir Yadav

3. Aditya pancholi

4. Shakti kapoor and

5. Kunika as the main role playing actors to look for.

The movie has seriously took up the issue of Rural social issues of a village. Due to lack of advertisement the movie hasn’t got so much attraction from the audience but the director is looking forward to the natural audience which is being called by the first audiences who will going to refer them to watch the movie.

So many movies are also releasing on the same date that may be a reason for the movie getting less number of people’s attention.

Guys if you want to see something real other than the fake love-stories which doesn’t even have their plotting of characters and proper story guidance to show the audience  them you must opt for this movie because it will not going to make you regret on your movie ticket purchases and will give you real entertainment towards a real story.

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