Live Updates: Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Spoilers Premiere Air Date New Characters

Grey’s Anatomy, it is an American medical drama TV series which includes tha lives of the surgical interns and their residents with a busy Seattle Grace Hospital. The series of the show was produced by Shonda Rhimes and six others, the series is set in Seattle, but all the shots were took in Los Angeles.

Here it comes up with the very new and latest season 13, after the huge success of the season 12 which had just kicked the television with its huge fan following and a large number of audience.

The story has a main character of Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) who is the daughter of a famous surgeon, Meredith just putting her best efforts to keep a good  working relationship with her colleagues, and especially with the Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) who is the hospital’s chief of surgery, because it has a great reason behind all the stuff that is, he is in a pre- exiting relationship with her mother.

grey's anatomy season 13

The season 12 is so interesting and with more joy, as it was packed with drama as always , with Maggie and Amelia who are moving in with Meredith to her old house, Callie had introduce Penny as his new girlfriend and Owen and Amelia had just decided to built a relationship between them as they are so good friend  and had developed that understanding.

Here the Grey’s Anatomy had a great change in the story which is going to be more interesting , the entertainment president had given a highest rating to the new season , as he gives 15 to the show.

Grey’s Anatomy has a  record in itself as they had a large number of viewers at a single episode release. It was recorded that more than 8.4 million of the viewers are present there to watch the show. And the ABC network had finally released the dates of the premiere of the show and created a good surrounding among the audience related to the show, people are extremely waiting for the Thursday , on 22th September 2016, at 8 PM. For more information about the show stay tuned with us.

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