Live Updates: MTV Splitsvilla 9 Winner Name Announced! Gurmeet And Kavya Won The Show?

Splitsvilla 9 host by hot Sunny Leone and ex-roadie Rannvijay is not only sexy and spicy reality TV show but also controversial. Controversial not only on the camera but also in real life. Princesses in bikini and warriors in boxers, battling to find love or we can say taking a shot in glamour world.

splitsvilla-9Like most of the reality shows Splitsvilla 9 is fixed. Sources at confirmed that winners of Splitsvilla 9 were pre-fixed. Even log before the grand finale episode shoot.

It was fixed from the starting that Rannvijay’s close Gurmeet and Varun Sood will be the finalists and at the end, Gurmeet will emerge as the winner of Splitsvilla 9.

24th September Splitsvilla Update

Gurmeet and Varun Sood, both were in the Roadies X2 with Gurmeet as the finalist. The makers of the reality show already decided who will win the show thus worked on the task and plot so that they emerge as finalist and favorite of the audience.

You also have noticed this throughout the season that Varun Sood got lucky so many times. Even at those time when it was sure that they will evict from the villa. There is always Book of Fortune which turn the pages of the game. There is no denying that BoF was always in the favour of Varun and Gurmeet.


If we talk about the princess who will be the ultimate queen then Kavya Khurana is the winner of this season. Kavya was also there will Gurmeet in Roadies X2.

Two contestants from the show also said that they feel about makers giving importance to Gurmeet and Varun, but they are shocked that it was all pre-decided. If is not fair to anyone that they are also putting their full effort to win the show. Gurmeet was recently dumped by Rajnandini, but the BoF opened at the same time and Gurmeet got saved. And the same thing happen in the case of Varun, he was also got dump by Rajnandini but BoF fortune saved him. Coincidence can’t happen more than once and that too for specific these two.

When we reached to the producer of the show, Lalit, he denied everything and said that Splitsvilla is only played by rule and that is why they are on the ninth season of the show. He also added that people will talk about his show and he has no  interest in what they are talking. He is just happy that people are talking about his show.

Splitsvilla 9 winner: Gurmeet and Kavyakavya-gurmeet

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  1. I actually wanted varun n martina to win but once I got to no dat dey/she wer damn fake I decided not to watch the finale!

  2. I wanted Raj n Archie to win but I also think this show is pre-fixed…I mean it’s like a film…as gurmeet wanted hardly to win the show doesn’t meant that he can win the show…like a filmy drama…bullshit…I hate that kavya, such a zombie…