‘Lucifer’ Season 2: Episode 2 “Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire” Response & Reviews


In the Lucifer season 2,episode 2 the lucifer mother intention is not looking good and lucifer is being scared of this. Being avoided by his dad and ignored by his mom feels bad and unhappy.

He always feels to be loved acceptance and explanations from their mummy,little things makes him happy if she was lying make to him or to protect him. Her mother also came back to L.A. to ignore his son, it’s hard to believe. so it doesn’t make sense that she give positive or good motives. There should be a reason be their motive, broken up the hell that how lucifer loved him & never bothered to visit her. After sending him back to L.A.

lucifer-episode-3-2In the lucifer season 1, it shows that dad sent him back they both playing with lucifer, it can also say that they using lucifer for dispute of them I’ve never seen that any parent does to with his child ever.

Lucifer like’s cheesy noodles but can’t expect that it made by Chloe his mom but it it’s different his mom is different wants to do but she does whatever they want they cook she cooked meat and want to give his best efforts,from this lucifer unhappy and thinks that from which planet his mom is from? she acts all strange.

Trixie after being a bad girl who like’s to play with the doll, she also have’s a doll and lucifer purchased a doll for Trixie saves Chloe from being a bad mom. Dan his father is good at this time laugh on the daughter antics, wrapped on his little finger definitely.

After so long lucifer and Chloe spend time with each other, known each other well & interacted with each other. It sounds good that Chloe trying to know that “what lucifer really is”. let’s see that she do some or doesn’t care anymore.

It’s just found too hard she isn’t thinking about the night at the Warehouse. Lucifer is coming with his life that never happened before yet, she is dead, comes with nary a scar & all going on. It doesn’t like that the team gathering in Ella’s office to discuss every time it is the goes one of the interesting and more exciting scene that ruins the flow of the show.

The facts of the case but it’s a hard time with Lucifer CSI angle. Now the big question is that why lucifer was dealing with his mommy anymore solving his issues WHY? Big question is that are they like that his mom is in town because they left by their Dad. So for more new updates stay connected with THENEWSRECORDER.

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