‘Lucifer’ Season 2: New Airing Dates After Delay & Upcoming Episode 2 {Spoiler Alert}


Lucifer is back with its season two. Next week on Monday ,October 3, episode two of season two will be aired. Lucifer is an action television series full of devilish character spawned from  Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Sandman’.

Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) mother Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) is going to have some fun of her own in Los Angeles after getting out of hell. From the sneak peek posted on YouTube channel, It looks that season is set to tell its central story about the hellish relationship between Lucifer and his mother. This kind of relationship began at the very end of season one. In the end of the first episode of season two, when Lucifer poured out his heart in another musical number, his mother Charlotte finally showed up. Mommy Morningstar goes rogue. Only instead of a wrathful , demonic shriek, Lucifer made her out to be and Mommy Morningstar stumbled into Lucifer’s bachelor pad wounded and haggard.

lucifer-season-2It is police procedural comedy- drama television series developed by Tom Kapinos. Trending promos  have shared a sneak peek on YouTube for episode two of season two. It seems from the promo that Lucifer will not believe his mother wounded bird story.

In the promo, it looks likes that former Lord of Hell might be on the ball a little, and Charlotte is seen in her own package of troubles. Episode two of season two is titled “Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress On Fire”. The maze is assigned the job to watch over Lucifer’s mother at some point.

It is not surprising that for a demon, Charlotte will knock out Maze and then move on to indulge in the earthly mortal pleasures deprived of her earlier for centuries and she was sealed in hell. Lucifer and his mother reunite after she escaped from the hell.

In the promo for episode two of season two, Charlotte is shown dancing in Lux in a titillating manner and warrants a remark from the bartender. Lucifer gets horrified and chastises the bartender. Lucifer is truly a momma’s boy. Fans will laugh and have fun in this episode.

Overall Lucifer season two , episode two will be the mixture of laugh and thrill. This episode is also going to explore the relationship between Lucifer and his mother.

The latest Teaser Trailer Shows many insights about the upcoming episode:

How much light can be reflected on their relationship , will be known only after watching the episode. Episode two is delayed due to the presidential debate. The episode has a new date. Fans are to wait, the episode will air on Monday oct. 3.

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