Lucifer’s Mother Is Coming To The Show ‘Lucifer’ Season 2 Spoilers Airing Dates Confirmed

Lucifer Season 2

The First season of Lucifer is already ended on April, 25 2016. The finale of Lucifer got around 3.89 million viewers. Now millions of people wants to know whether there is going to be a season 2 or not. Well we have a good news for you people, ‘Lucifer’ Didn’t only approved for it’s second installment but also the release date is confirmed. On June, 16 2016, FOX released it’s Television schedule for the fall. According to the schedule, ‘Lucifer’ is coming to the FOX on Monday, September 19, 2016.

‘Lucifer’ is show about the bored Satan, who left the throne and hell because now he want to settle in the modern LA. He has also founded a night club in LA. After the events of pilot episode in which a girl was killed in front of him. He decided to help the LAPD detective so that they can track down the guilty and punish him/her. Along with this, Lucifer  is facing a problem from him brother angel who is trying to get him back in Hell.

Lucifer Season 2But you already know this, don’t worry this article is much more then just release date of ‘Lucifer’. Here are the all the spoilers we have on season 2. So if you are still reading this article but don’t want to know the spoilers, so now is best time.


[Spoiler Alert]

Lucifer Season 2 CharlotteLucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) will locate his mother very quickly in next season so it wont take more then 2 episodes. And Charlotte will escape Hell and will go straight to the LA to see her son. Lucifer will find his mother in hot dress, which he don’t like.

Lucifer holds his mother’s hand and takes her to his Corvette, and two can be seen driving away.

Also a leaked video which was posted on twitter by Willy Wozy shows that Lucifer and her mother were confronted by a man but he chose to walk away. But his mother decides to confront the man. Lucifer’s mother is showed very strong character. The man quickly backs off.

Charlotte who is the mother of Lucifer also showed driving in the LA with her son. She was also enjoying the conversation with her son.

Lucifer Season 2 Charlotte and LuciferThe above fact hinted that Charlotte is here to reunite with her sons only. But we never know if there is any secret objective of Charlotte. For that we have to wait for the season 2. The two may be having a good conversation but have different opinion about humanity.

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