‘Luke Cage’: Might Be the Next Hero We All Will Be Looking For!


Cage became Marvel’s first superhero in 1972 to get his own comic book. Back then he was all open- chested yellow jacket, chain belt, and steel tiara – a classic Blaxploitation.

The purpose behind this is not clear. Now he is a superhero with his own show. He is the first African – American superhero. He will be seen in Netflix series Superhero as the paramour of Jessica jones. The actor is 40 years old. He is playing the role of African – American man with bulletproof skin in the age of Black Lives Matter. Luke cage’s showrunner , Cheo Hodari Coker was the first who gave the sign about street-level superheroes in the latest Netflix show, at the heavy symbolism by announcing at Comic – Con that ‘the world is ready for a bulletproof black man’.

'Luke Cage': Might Be the Next Hero We All Will Be Looking For!It is not a coincidence that Marvel’s latest TV superhero is wearing plain hoodie rather than a colourful cape. The show is not set in Harlem which is considered the heartland of black America. The 40-year-old actor feels what he everyday look in the newspaper, someone getting gunned down, unarmed.

It is not getting any better and we like to think we are helping. He showed the concern by saying he is not sure how much the series will cause to the narrative of America. 2016 Luke Cage is warm-hearted symbol of black power, most subversive TV superhero yet and a public rebuke to those who judge by skin colour.

In the beginning, Luke Cage is living hand to mouth in gentrifying Harlem, struggling to pay the rent in menial jobs at his local barbershop and night club. But the hero inside him is awakened by the death of an innocent loved one, the avuncular barbershop owner pops. All this led to what he becomes , the scourge of district’s dealers, thugs, and crooked politicians.

Colter says he was initially doubtful about the role of Luke Cage but after he saw him in Jessica Jones as soft-spoken , thoughtful, vulnerable emotionally, I could identify that he is not a stereotype. The soulful vision of African American culture is show’s strength.

luke-cageCage meets supercool cop Misty Knight at a nightclub, paradise. She is a staple of comics who may have lost her bionic arm  in 2016 update, but its made up for with a super power that allows her to mentally rearrange crime scenes in the real tome.

There are comic moments also in the series. This show focuses on a lot of issues in the black community. In a way perhaps planting a seed for change. Luke Cage is available on Netflix.

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