MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2016 To Be Launched In Late October, May Be With iMac Launch

After months of wait and people getting desperate to see the new MacBook Air 2016, the waiting has now almost come to an end. When Apple displayed both the models of their MacBook Air 2016 at the news conference that took place at their headquarters in Cupertino, California a while back, a tech analyst for the brand boldly gave a statement that the new MacBook Air is the thinnest laptop ever and is even better due to the new operating system.

He also stated that MacBook Air 2016 will be coming soon, alongside in a report by Forbes, it was also rumoured that this highly mysterious laptop will finally be launching sometime next month, i.e, October, alongside the new MacBook Pro. An IHS Markit Technology director also shared the news that production of the MacBook started in the second calendar quarter on the new 13.3 inch and 15.4 inches MacBook Pro and 13.3 inch MacBook Air.


While on one hand, some fans are really excited to hear this news for the first time from us, on the other hand, those who watched the live news feed regarding the announcement are also happy that Apple will not be dropping their Air lineup anytime soon. Though the news has been doing rounds on twitter since March that Apple is trying to change their image of Its main selling point being light weight devices.

This news made buzz because most of the Apple’s products in the recent past are only tapping on the same concept of being lightweight. While last year’s iPad Air 3 was expected to be launched by the brand in an event, instead the company launched mini iPad Pro, which took its spot in the Apple lineup. This move made a lot of Apple fans unhappy as the price difference between both the devices was nearly negligible.

Hence, users were expecting that MacBook Air will not be launched, instead, Apple will launch a device which will be even lighter than Air itself. What made people think this is, that there were no rumours regarding the specifications of the MacBook Air and what made the news was, whether MacBook Air will ever see the light of day or not. But the latest notification made it pretty clear that one variant of MacBook Air along with two variants of MacBook Pro will be launching next month. This is it, for now, stay tuned for more articles and interesting updates.

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