MacBook Pro 2016 All Set To Launch With MacBook Air and iMac On October 24, Checkout Speculations & Leaks


So here is the much awaited and biggest update over technology. Today we are here with a good news for all Apple lovers as the release date of MacBokk Pro has confirmed just now. This smart generation laptop is going to have its launch on 24 October. This is not the just, there is a lot more which will make you stand erect and get curious i.e. the launch of MacBook Air and iMac is also on the same date.

Here are some news, leaks and updates over the release and also some specification updates in the devices. The device is slated for its launch on October 24. The specifications and features of this upcoming addition in MacBook series will entice you to buy them all. As according to 9 To 5 Mac, apple will going to release all its other devices in the last week of October on account of holidays which can be proven to a great time for launch.


There will be a dilemma for all the tech lovers as there will be the launch of Apple MacBook Air 2016 along with MacBook Pro by the Cupertino-based company. This celebration and happiness of this launch will also get hiked with the release of iMac on the same day. The launch will go to be a benchmark one also it’s been predicted that the devices will come with a bulk of new features and specifications.

Speculations and rumours say that the new MacBook pro will come with an OLED touchscreen panel which will remove the function keys from the keyboard while iMac is supposed to be launch with a 5k display which will attract a bulk of buyers.

One more rumour is making the heat that the Touch ID will incorporate with the MacBook Pro 2016 and will allow Apple Pay to come along with the new MacOS Sierra and this feature has already been confirmed.

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