‘Mad Hatter’s Day’ 6th October: Actual Facts & Significance You Must Know About This Day!


Today is one of the very strangest yet very silly day as today is ‘Mad Hatter Day’ which is especially taken to celebrates the Mad Hatter, who was a fictional character from ‘Alice In Wonderland’.

The original picture of the Mad Hatter by John Tenniel in Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland which is known as Alice In Wonderland, by Lewis Caroll, he always depicts him wearing a hat, bearing the note “In This Style 10/6”. Although we know this is really an order from the time the picture was drawn to mean a hat in that style cost 10 Shillings and Sixpence, we take this as inspiration to act in the style of the Mad Hatter on this day which is s6th of October.

mad-hatters-dayThe History behind this day is quite unique as, In 1986 some computer-folk in Boulder, CO celebrated a general day of silliness, which is inspired by the drawings of the Mad Hatter by John Tenniel in Alice In Wonderland.

It was later got the due respect and credit when people come to know about the benefits of the day, some people did less damage by celebrating silliness than if they had done their jobs.

The day backs to 1988 when it was first recognised as an official holiday and received its first national recognization through the press interviews. “Mad as a hatter” is a colloquial phrase which is used in conversation to refer to a crazy person.

In 18th and 19th century, England mercury was used in the production of felt, which was used in the manufacturing of hats. People who worked in these hat factories were exposed daily to trace amounts of the metal, causing some workers to develop dementia caused by mercury poisoning.

Thus, the phrase became popular as a way to refer to someone who was perceived as insane.

This day is very well known for well as being a day to celebrate silliness, recent celebrations include looking for something completely sane in your everyday life. How sensible is it to tie a noose around your neck every day to look important at work.

So guys go out and celebrate the day by becoming an insane like Hatter.

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