Madaari Box Office: 7th Day Collection Report Till Today Irrfan Khan Movie

Irrfan Khan’s Madaari is on the big screens and doing a good business but it is not that much and not upto the expectations of the makers. Madaari had done a good business on the box office but makers of the film are not that much satisfied by the collection of the film in the first weekend. But now a day Madaari is going low as many of the films are on the screens and because of them Madaari is in a tough competition. This weekend Madaari just go so slow with its collections and its collections just goes to the lower rank.


But here we are so sure that Madaari will collect the amount in the way the makers can fill the amount of the production of the film. Madaari was released on more than 1000 screens worldwide and on the other hand the recently released film Kabali was released on more than 12000 screens and doing so well and continuously hitting the box office by its collection. Madaari had created a buzz among the audience since the trailer of the film was released on the social media and on YouTube and really loved by the audience.

Madaari had generated a good fans for the film but here comes Rajnikanth’s Kabali who had attracted a large number of audience from the Madaari as well. And it becomes a great bad impact on the collections of Madaari and that is a big reason for a low collection on the box office. The story of Madaari is not that much good and it is one of the drawback for a low collections of the film, it is so simple and having a normal activity. While both of the great actors Irrfan Khan and Jimmy Shergill had done a good job in the film and they both had put their best for the film and really loved by the audience.

Madaari had done a good business on the box office on the very first day of its release and had collected about Rs. 4.73 cr. and give a good start to the film. And till the first weekend Madaari have a amount of more than Rs. 20 cr. in its collection.  Its the 7th day of the film and Madaari have collected about Rs. 1.43 cr. on the box office. The total collection of the film is set at Rs. 29.33 cr. and sure Madaari will do better in its upcoming days. For more to know about the film stay tuned with us.

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