Major Highlights You Must Know About ‘The Flash’ Season 3 Before Premiere


guys as all of you have already heard the new season of flash is coming . after doing 2 seasons ,  this show is back with a blast with all new story and thrillers but there is never a point of seeing the story from the middle.

Even in this as shown in premier that ‘flash’ is going to time travel and erase all the bad memories of his past and will try to change the future by changing the past. As barry allen stir things up as his will in the past the present gets affected too many things change as his mom being alive and his dad not been imprisoned but many familiar faces also came across to understand the ongoing story  here are some things you people need to know about flash season 1 and 2.

the-flash-21. The Multiverse and doppelgangers- The concept was introduced with the introduction of earth,

2. When harrison “harry” shows up on  earth 1 and with others , and not forgetting the epic episode of super girl  when barry visits  her earth    . This concept of multiverse gave each story and really wide and really different view,

3. The family – wally west shows up in season 2 before this no one knows him, he seeks for help for his own mom as she is sick but wally gets to know about the secret of barry being flash and sneaks in lab to satisfy his curiosity, Don’t get surprised if he becomes the child flash.

3. The death of Henry – Henry ( barry’s dad) when comes out of the prison for the crime he never committed . the happiness was not  long lived , Zoom kills barry’s dad and rip’s his heart out and he looses his both parents,

4. The man in the iron mast – this has been revealed in season 2 that the man under the mast is The real jay garrick  from earth 3! and was been hostage by zoom,

5. The love story of barry and iris is finally came in lime light – they both declared to be in love with each other . and wally showed his enthusiasm as well.

the-flash-s3These were the all the important things u need to know before watching the upcoming THE FLASH Season 3.

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