Man brutally rapes a female brain injury patient inside a hospital

Man brutally rapes a female brain injury patient inside a hospital

In a barbarous act, a man allegedly raped a female patient who was suffering from a serious brain injury at a city hospital named Bronx-Lebanon hospital in New York.

According to the sources gathered from the New York Post, a nurse first observed the in-human incidence when she entered the cabin to check in the female patient. She saw that a person was sexually assaulting the woman suffering from serious brain injury. The officials of the Bronx-Lebanon hospital immediately got hold of the man through the security personals and he was then handed over to the police.

The alleged man named Keith Nembhard is 37 years of age and it is said that he knew the female patient who is 32 years old. According to the news paper, the Doctors at the hospital told the police said that the serious brain injury of the woman would have obstructed her from consenting to the sexual intercourse. The police have now charged the culprit with second-degree rape. This brutal incidence took place on Friday and the police made it public on Sunday.

This is said to be the second major crime incident that took place at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. In June, a doctor named Henry Bollo, armed with an assault rifle shot dead his colleague who was also a doctor and injured six other persons. After rampaging the Hospital, he shot down himself and died on the spot. The alleged doctor was fired from the hospital before some days. Those incidences have questioned about the security arrangements of the hospital as well as the safety of the patients

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