Man Captured Dragging Her Daughter By Hairs All Across a Walmart In Texas


A heartbreaking update came from Texas where a man was wandering in a Walmart on Tuesday and he was found dragging his child all across the store. This accident of child abuse gone viral and now it under surveillance of authorities. Now Cleveland police Chief Darrel Broussard told KTRK-TV that they are now meeting with the family featured in the viral images.

Broussard said now Police are concerned for the children who may be with that man in the house along with his aggressive attitude towards children. Erika Burch, an individual who captured the video and posted it on social media confronted the family about Punishment. She also created heat on Facebook for this act.

“People are telling me I’m wrong for stepping up for this little girl, but you can discipline a child without dragging them by the hair on their head, especially in Wal-Mart,” she told KTRK-TV.

Burch also commented that she wants the little girl to know “Proper Discipline” and grab it as a good future. We all know that children remain in their homes even after having abusive activities with them just similar to that Child Protective Services said children usually bears this all while living in their homes but never speaks up against it.

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