Mani Argues With Ishita Watch Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th September 2016 Written Episode

Roohi gives Aadi water. She asks calm down as everything will be fine. Aadi says i have not done anything. Roohi says i know you cannot do this. Roohi says when i was so angry then Aadi was the one who handled her carefully. Raman says what is wrong with you. Ishita says Aadi is right. Raman says you are mother that’s why she trust him.

Ishita says Aadi is responsible and he respects everyone. Raman says if Aadi will be found guilty then he will give him to police. Aadi listens and go from there. Aadi thinks how to say sorry to them. He thinks main problem is that he even don’t know he did this or not. Pihu goes to Raman room and Aadi thinks Ishimaa is Raman’s room and he stops her. He says lets eat ice cream. He asks Pihu to sit.

yeh-hai-mohabbateinAadi says there is no ice cream and we can drink juice. He gives her juice and Pihu remembers everyone is saying Aadi threw chemical on girl. She becomes tensed and throws glass. Ishita and Aadi gets shocked. She says Aadi bhaiya you threw acid. He gets upset and goes in room. Ishita goes to him and Raman goes to Pihu.

Shagun comes there. Raman asks what are you doing here. Shagun says Pihu’s custody. Raman says Aadi is his son and how can she do it. Raman asks Shagun to go. Pihu comes and says why you are talking to her like this. Pihu says she called Shagun as she feels scared living in this house. Pihu says one girl pushed me and insulted Dada also.

She says you dont love me. She asks Shagun to take her. Ishita says she came here for Aadi. Shagun asks lawyer to give them notice. She says i will win this custody as her husband Mani will support her. Mihika takes Pihu up and take her inside. Raman says you like to take custody then i will show you. She asks lawyer to see how they are reacting. Raman takes Shagun out of the house. He says you will not win this custody. Shagun says she will win at any cost.

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