Mansi Gave A Latter To Premila! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st September 2016 Written Episode

Gopi becomes sad and thinks about Jaggi and he said that he will never forgive her if anything happens to his mother. Urmila comes and asks what happened. She tells them. Kokila says not to worry and he has said all this in anger. Jaggi comes and smiles. He teases Urmila and Urmila run after him. Kokila asks Gopi to see that he will never mind.

Gopi says yes. Then Krishna and Mansi discusses that he saw Jaggi giving hug to Urvashi as if he is a son. We have to find all this. Them Urvashi comes to Modi Bhawan. Kokila and everyone become shocked and she thinks if she will tell the truth that  Jaggi is the brother of Ahem.

saath-nibhanaUrvashi goes and hugs Gopi. She says thank you as you saved my life and if more people will become like you then no one will have to face troubles of life. Gopi smiles. Krishna says it’s not like that and you will not meet your son. She says he is not my son but every mother will like to have him as a son.

He says he was hugging you in a room of the hospital. She says yes he came in my room and hugging me for sake of humanity then what’s the matter. She thanks, Jaggi too. Urvashi goes out. Gopi follows her. Urvashi says she came here as Pramila came to her house as an officer and saw her and Jaggi’s photograph.

Urvashi says she didn’t know that she was Pramila. She listened her talking to Mansi and saying that she is Urvashi and mother of Jaggi. Gopi says thank you and you told you this to me. She says don’t thank me as you saved my life. Urvashi says now she have to leave.

Meera goes in the room and takes her pillow then she sleeps on the floor. Dharam comes there and says he will sleep here. Meera says fine and she goes to the bed. Dharam.comes to bed and says wherever she will sleep then he will.sleep there. Dharam looks at Meera.

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