Mansi Tries To Investigate About Jaggi! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th September 2016 Episode

Jaggi sees photos of Ahem. Kokila tells about a behaviour of Ahem. Gopi brings clothes of Ahem. Jaggi wears them. He put spectacles like Ahem. Meera sits in pooja with Dharam. Pandit asks to do pooja and asks Dharam to take the hand of Meera in his hand. But Meera does not allow him.

Pandit says do pooja and leave your fights. Dharam holds the hand of Meera and does pooja. Pandit asks to stand up.  Havan ends and Meera runs to the room. Ritesh thinks Prakash was right and Meera is not happy with her marriage. Gopi tells Ahem used to drink Soup and did exercise.

saath-nibhana-saathiyaShe says Ahem’s habits will be known by Mansi. Gopi says Ahem talked less as he thought work speaks more than words. Urmila says yes you have to speak less. Sahil comes and tells he has met a lawyer and he told that Mansi is allowed to sell the house and no one can stop her. Kokila gets sad.

He says we have  a way if we find papers of this house then we will save it. Gopi goes to Vidya and Meera. Meera says Mansi always claimed that she loved their dad. Vidya says how can she do this. Meera says Mansi is mad till now. Urmila says we have to make her food and send her to a mental asylum.

Vidya says I can understand that you are sad but we don’t have another choice. Gopi says we have to take care and biggest problem is to make Jaggi as Ahem. She says we want your help. She asks them to think when they used to live in Mumbai then what was the special moment which Ahem did so that we can make her trust that Jaggi is Ahem.

Vidya says no I don’t remember. Gopi says there will be something that happened between Mansi and Ahem. Meera says yes there is one thing and  Mansi cannot forget that. Meera tells. Urmila says wow this is a good idea and Mansi will come in our trap. Urmila says if she is having birthday tomorrow then we will give her a surprise which she will never forget.

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