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Disco Sannya

The Marathi movie industry is doing quite a great business and the stories in their movies are having a lot of senses in it with equally catch of plotting of the characters. Marathi movie industry is at its peak when the movie Sairat got released and it shows a tremendous love from the whole Bollywood industry and the superstars too. There is a lot of comparison which got started between the stars to match their characteristics with the two debuting stars of the Marathi industry. the same movie, Disco Sannya which is another Comedy Drama Marathi film and is scheduled to hit the screens on the same date 5th July 2016 with standing opposite to the 1234 movie which is also releasing. The clash between both the films will make a huge buzz for sure because both movies are of same genre.

Disco Sannya

Disco Sannya, movie is being directed by Niyaj Mujawar and his excellent presence of mind and when it gets along with the way he presented in the movie is also appreciable. The trailer which is termed to be as the key part of the films upcoming is also have so much to say and to appeal to the audience.  The Trailer of the film was released on the 2nd July 2016 with huge buzz at the Youtube. The movie is being produced by Saching Purohit and Abhijeet Kawthalkar under the banner of Vakav Films. The Story of the movie is done through a lot of fascinations and a lots of writers too like the both producer of the film Saching Purohit and Abhijit Kawathalkar and the director of the film Niyaj Mujawar.

The film had a run time of 130 minutes which means the film will have to survive through the audience for a long time to make its way to the hearts of the people. Disco Sannya  which is starring Parth Bhalerao, Sanjay Khapre, Chitra Khare, Gauri Konge, Suhas Shirsat, Umesh Jagtap in the main lead role of the movie. The star cast of the film also up to the trend as each actor  has a good fan following which will help the makers to gather a huge occupancy for the film on the first day of release.

The music of the film didn’t created a very big  buzz around and on the music launch of the film didn’t get so much appreciation as expected. Songs of the film also got little good response on the social media sites and on the youtube. Music of the movie is composed by the producers and the writers of the film Abhijit  and Sachin Purohit.

The vast Editing of the movie is done by one of the talented artist who proved himself in his previous films Milind Damle. The basic attraction of the movie is that the dance in the songs which are performed by the star cast was up to the mark as it was choreograph by the Bhaumik Shah.  The film has a perfect story line which will for sure impress the audience as the trailer did.

Trailer of the film impressed a lot of public and got more than 50,000 hits in just week of release. Film having a good buzz in the market as it is an most awaited  film  of the year. The film has only one negative point that it is going to hit the box office screens with two another films in which Taleem is an high budget film and has a good hold over audience.

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