Mars Rover Spots Dust Devil in the red planet

Mars Rover Spots Dust Devil

In an interesting discovery, Mars Rover sent by NASA has found Dust Devil in the red planet. The image of the distant dust devil was released on April 04, 2016, and it has already grabbed the eyeballs of space lovers.

NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity captured the image using its navigation camera on last Friday. Extra-terrestrial winds are quite common on Mars, but it is for the first time that the visual has been caught on camera.

According to experts from NASA, this is the best ever recording of Dust Devil from Mars’ Meridiani Planum region. To reach Knudsen Ridge to capture the image, Mars Rover tilt reached 32 degrees, the steepest one for any rover in Mars.

Dust Devils usually happen when as a result of rising, rotational columns of air. When these columns rise fast enough, it will also pick up small particles of dust from the ground which will finally result in the visibility of vortex.

The red planet has a fragile atmosphere, and these dust devils are supposed to play a crucial role in dust cycling around the globe.

This dust cycling has direct impacts in determining the climate of the red giant. In Mars, stronger updrafts are needed to develop swings, and as a result, it will be bigger than its counterparts in Earth.

Opportunity Rover is exploring the surface of Mars for the past twelve years.

It should be noted that the recently released Hollywood movie ‘The Martian’ have also showcased the visuals of Dust Devils in the planet when it was captured in real life, it showed startling similarities.

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