Maruti Suzuki Ciaz SHVS Hybrid Vs Volkswagen Passet GTE: Which One Is the Best Hybrid To Buy?


Maruti & Volkswagen seems to have the same ideas in mind and they both are turning down all the tables by doing all the possible research and putting some very exceptional creativity in front of us.

The latest news which is confirming that both the companies will soon go to have a major clash between the new upgrade which is being adopted by both the companies and this is Hybrid technology which is being focused on both the major car producing companies. The two of the cars which are going to have the clash are “Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Hybrid Sedan Vs Volkswagen Passat”.

So let’s Begin explaining what’s in the fight for these two cars:


ciaz-shvs-2The Maruti Suzuki SHVS Hybrid:

The Maruti Ciaz Hybrid sedan which is launched to be priced around Rs. 8.23 lakh for the base VDi variant while the top end Chaz ZDi+ variant is going to price around Rs. 10.17 lakh. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz has already done a very smashing performance in the car market while created a lot of problems for other producers by totally snatching their market share.

The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is a top-selling mid-sized sedan since it was launched in 2014. While it is No. 2 in C-segment with its very legendary competitor Honda City on the top. But that’snot enough for them and now they are looking to grab huge shares in the future by getting a major and thrilling head starts with the SHVS loaded Ciaz.

This new upgrade is also supported by the government’s financial assistance, while the part of government in all this portion is that each vehicle which will have any kind of hybrid unit manufactured in India will be given some kind of incentive which will go to be based on the efficiency of the car in saving the environment and gas. The news which is being confirmed for Ciaz specifically is a fixed the amount which will be around Rs 11,000 as it has efficiency gains of less than 10 percent.

The company has also confirmed about the speculation that soon other Maruti Suzuki cars will also going to enjoy this benefit like Ertiga and the hot-seller Maruti Swift will also come in smart hybrid vehicle technology.

The new Maruti Ciaz Hybrid vehicle is Based on an (ISG) integrated starter generator, which is one of its type which will be loaded with this upgrade. The Maruti Ciaz Hybrid is said to be one of the most fuel ‘competent’ and also much more technically efficient. The ‘ISG’ tech in the vehicle will go to helps it to start/stop as per the requirements of the vehicle.

The new Maruti Ciaz hybrid is all set to turn down all the tables in terms of competence too, while the temptation which is being given by the makers is too great and with its class-leading fuel economy, which claimed to give about 28.09kmpl, Ciaz SHVS is certainly more fuel efficient as compared to its non-hybrid sibling standing at 26.21kmpl figures. Moreover this smart car is also designed to switch off the car when the engine stands idle for a scheduled time, which is one of its remarkable positive points.

In Terms of Engine, the Maruti Ciaz Hybrid is loaded with a 1.3-litre DDiS diesel engine, which is coupled with a battery and integrated starter generator which help it to return 88.5bhp and 200Nm of peak torque. It must be noted that the new mild hybrid system which is loaded in Ciaz with ISG in its heart offers engine power assistance by using the motor and gains brilliant power regeneration.

The brake energy recovery unit in new Maruti Ciaz Hybrid will charge the batteries via energy produced in the vehicle when the rider will apply the brakes, which is truly in terms of breakthrough tech that has been seen much on the race track.
The Price for the INR Rs.8.23 Lakh.

Now comes the Volkswagen Passat GTE:

The Volkswagen is all set to welcome the new Passat in the coming January, while all the upgrades about the car have been unveiled and they are below.

The external appearance of this newest version will look quite absolutely stunning and surprisingly better than its previous versions. The front facade now looks sleeker and wider, while the headlight cluster has been completely restructured and is now equipped with projector lamps along with LED DRLs.

The new radiator grille is also modified and treated now with a lot of chrome for a classy appeal which will give it a refreshing look somehow, while there are not many changes in the sides of the car. The B-pillars of the car are in glossy black, while the window surrounds have a classy chrome plating.

The rear section of this version too looks quite impressive and a classy sedan must have all these things to have a majestic look, which is because of the stylish tail light cluster that has precisely sculptured lighting scheme.

The interior section of this new generation sedan looks better than other luxury vehicles in its price and model segment. It seems like the manufacturer has given a lot of importance to the design and comfort. The cockpit section has got one of the major upgrades. Its dashboard has been completely modified with repositioned central console and air vents.

The driving panel gets bigger in size and is designed with two analog meters along with a TFT display. The steering wheel seems to have a flat bottomed design with three spokes and is accompanied with special feature switches. While this five-seater version is trying its best to the level of making the journey for all the passengers in the car remarkable.

The version is speculated to sport a 2.0-litre TDI diesel engine inside. It is a 4-cylindered mill with a turbocharger assigned in it for enhanced power and great performance. It is speculated that the engine will go to bring a power of 187bhp along with a torque of 380Nm to 400Nm. While on the other front, there will also be an electric motor pumping out 113bhp making the total output stand at 215bhp. A six-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox is expected to available on the hybrid saloon.

While the expectations from the version which we can expect are to only give away a mileage of around 16 to 18 Kmpl. Luggage space is likely to be increased by 26 liters offering a total room of 586 liters.

It is very much expected that the Volkswagen Passat will go to bring a major rivalry for the Skoda Superb, Toyota Camry, and the upcoming Honda Accord. Globally, Volkswagen also touts the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the BMW 3-Series as competitors.

But it is highly unlikely that the Indian customers would buy a Passat over the duo. While the price for the Volkswagen Passat GTE will be around INR Rs.45 Lakh. It must be better to wait for some time until all the competitors will bring down their good foot forth in this war of Hybrid future cars.

While in Overall Manner the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz seems to get the better side because of equal features and lower price.

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