Marvel Avengers: Infinity War New Promo Video & Wait ‘Civil War’s Not Over Yet’?


Series of comedy videos featuring A-listers including Robert Downey jr., Scarlett johansson and Neil Patrick Harris are out to encourage left-leaning groups to vote for Hillary. Joss Whedon usually leaves the heroics for character in his movies but his next project could be a big threat in real world.

Whedon donated $one million toward helping Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in the presidential election. Whedon is not bothering to defense himself rather through series of online star studded videos , he is encouraging people to vote. He is hoping that these videos will reach different groups of people including rural college educated white women , groups with low voter turnout such as black men and millennials. Whedon  emphasized that its not about attacking, its about getting people to vote as these are the most crucial elections of their lifetime.avengers-infinty-war

Whedon has political leanings and he never concealed those. He made a tongue in cheek video in 2012 election, proclaiming the vision and determination possessed by Mitt Romney, to take country on path toward a Zombie apocalypse. But he has been a loyal Clinton supporter, even when she was fighting for democratic nominations against Sen. Bernie Sanders.

He acknowledges Bernie’s worth but still believes that Hillary will be better at this job. He even started to arrange small get-togethers of other Hollywood writers, before the Democratic  National Convention, to discuss what all could be done to lend Clinton their support.

His last film Avengers: Age of Ultron was released in 2015, and he stopped writing further next script to work full time on save the day. He built up a small, experienced team with Ben Sheehan as director and Carri Twigg as head of media partnership. The team is working on making videos. Plan is to make 15 – 25 videos before the election. The Team is currently working on 10 videos.

It launches a traditional campaign ad , called ‘Important’, that is jam packed with A-Listers, including Neil Patrick Harris, Robert Downey Jr. , Scarlett Johanson and Mark Ruffalo. Hollywood always have been supporting Democratic candidate and Whedon is one among several entertainment industry notables. Whedon is not raising fund beyond his initial donation.

avengersHe acknowledged that getting more funds will be great and at the the same time jokingly added ‘we are pretty lean production’. We are not using ton of explosion and helicopter shots in our videos.

civil-war-avengersEncouraging people to vote is not an easy task for Save the Day.Voter turnout decreased to 57.5 percent , lower than any presidential election since 2000, despite an increase in eligible voters. Big names get attention but their impact on turnout rate is not justified.

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