Mathu kathe: Kannada Movie Review Collection Opening Da 1 Box Office

mathu kathe

Kannada movie is taking big dips in the  ocean of opportunities and  is doing his whole efforts to take the level of the movies to a next level and they are doing it greatly.This time it is about a movie which is done with the whole efforts to complete it and a well known director of the movies of ‘Gaali’ and ‘Rain Coat’. Now he is back with a very amazing third movie of his own named as ‘Mathu Kathe’ has come up with two shades of love.

mathu kathe

This movie is going on dates back to earlier days and the other one of present day love via face book, SMS and Whats Up and all the shutting of efforts to prove the depth and meaning of true Love and in the climax he concludes the older days and methods too of love is best.

The Director of the movie is Lucky who is very well known for double meaning and hard hitting dialogues has shot for the film in Sakleshpura, Koodlipet and Bengaluru. The censor has already given U/A certificate. Interesting part of the film is the two pair of lovers meet but do not touch. In the end the olden day’s pattern of love is the focus of this film.

The casting of tthe movie is done according to the demads and both leads are fulfilling the demand Firstly, Krishna kumar is producer and also the hero of this film. He is also plays assistant director hoping to become a director. Gauthami of TV serial and big screen is female lead.

Harsha is hero brother and Rachana is one in love with technology love. Lucky has written four songs and Satish Babu composed songs.KFCC former President Vijayakumar released audio CD. Actor Chetan Chandra, Anand Audio Mohan Chabria were present.

The other lead of the movie is Gautami, who is an Indian film actress who has worked basically in Tamil films, although she also appeared in successful films in Telugu,Malayalam, Hindi and Kannada cinema. She is also become these roles as a television actress, television host and known costume designer.

The main mail lead of the movie is Krishna Kumar, he is an Indian film actor who has appeared in Malayalam and Tamil in supporting roles as well in many TV serials. He is basically from Kerala. He was a TV News Reader and later he started his acting with the 1994 with a Malayalam film Kashmeeram.

After that he started to act for several Malayalam films and Malayalam TV serials. When he faced less opportunities in Malayalam, he tried his luck in Tamil by acting in some TV serials. It helped him to get some good roles in Tamil films such as Billa II, Deivathirumagal, Mugamoodietc. as well as in some Malayalam movies

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