Mathura violence: Hema Malini trolled after her shoot tweet

hema-malini_insensitive about Mathura

The actor cum BJP politician Hema Malini an MP from Mathura in Uttar Pradesh, uploaded pictures from her shoot on Twitter just hour after her parliamentary constituency Mathura had seen one of the most violent clashes in recent time.

The actress tweet received a lot of flak on social media with many people calling her insensitive and unaware of her constituency. It made the MP to delete the pictures quickly.

Mathura was on edge following the death of 24 people in a clash between the police and encroachers. When the police tried to evict the people who had illegally occupied the 270-acre park for last two years, the 3,000 members of an arm sect opened fire on the police. Among the people who got killed in the clash was Mukul Dwivedi, Superintendent of Police.

Whereas, on the other hand, the actor turned politician was posting her photos of a shoot at Madh Island in Mumbai. The 67-year old actress was seen in a maroon sari and salwar-kurta and captioned on how motorized boats have made it so convenient to reach the Madh Island from Mumbai.

But just after the upload the actor received a lot of criticism for being so insensitive to her constituency. Seeing the uproar on the social media Hema Malini deleted her post from the Twitter handle and instead posted, “I just came bk frm Mathura & got the news of the violence that has taken place there in which policemen have lost their lives.”

Just after this she also put uploaded another tweet where she talked about how upset she was about what was happening in Mathura and even reassured the people that if her presence is required, she will be there for the.

In one of the tweet, she also appealed to the people to maintain peace and not to get misguided by any of the violent elements.

In her last tweet, she posted her grievances for the families of SP City Mukul Dwivedi and SHO Santosh Kumar family.

But this is not the first time that the actor has received accusation for her insensitive behavior. Last year when her Mercedes collided with a car in Rajasthan and a child got killed. She tweeted about the careless attitude of the father even though the police said that the Mercedes was speeding.

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