McKinney officer wrestling a 14-year old girl clad in bikini goes viral

June 8, 2015: As weird as it may get, a police officer in McKinney, Texas has been placed on leave, following the release of the a video that showed him wrestling a 14-year old girl clad in bikini.

The police office in question was also seen confronting some of the other teens present at a pool party on June 7.

At around 7:15 p.m, the police was called for some kind of disturbance at the Craig Ranch Community North Pool of Dallas. Report on NBC News said that many more such calls were made for the party, where the teens were seen fighting.

wrestling a 14-year old girl clad in bikini.

Greg Conley, the McKinney Police Chief, said that the crowd initially didn’t listen to the commands of officers, following which the officers had to converge.

In a video that was recorded at the party, it was shown that an officer, who was not named, was fighting with a bikini-clad juvenile on the ground and is also seen pulling his gun.

The video was taken one Brandon Brooks. Following the incident, the officer was put on administrative leave, till a complete and detailed investigation is done.

The girl seen in the video was first detained and then released.

The McKinney Police Chief was also quoted saying that everyone was eventually released after parents and guardians arrived. It is tough and a “dynamic situation” dealing with large groups, he added.

Later on, Brian Loughmiller, who is the McKinney Mayor, said he was disturbed over the incident, but he expects that the police department will act professionally.

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