Mehek Will Get A Loving One! Zindagi Ki Mehek 20th September 2016 Latest Written Episode Updates


The news show Zindagi Ki Mehak had now started on Zee Tv on tashan e Ishq’s place which gets to and end after a huge success. Now the audience will get to see the story of a simple girl who is passionate about cooking and had lost her mother.

She is living with her family and has many simple dreams. In the first episode, we had seen Mehek who is the main character of the story. She is cooking in the kitchen early in the morning. Pd who is her grandmother says that she should take some rest for herself. Later everyone in the house cheers up everyone. The family is looking happy and unique one. They all gathers at the food table for breakfast. Just then mother’s gets a call and she gets happy to know that someone is coming to see Mehek for marriage.
zindagi-ki-mehakHe tells the same to everyone and says I want this marriage to get happen. Mehek goes to market. She then tells a man of the restaurant that this dal has more salt. A lady come there and praises Mehek for her cooking sense.

On the other side, everyone gets ready for the welcoming of the guests. Surrender and Pummi come to Mehek’s house and greets everyone. They ask about the family and see over the house. Mehek comes there and gets ready for going in front of them. Then Nehal gets the tea and Raju get impressed by her look.

Mother come there with Mehek and says that she is my Mehek. Raju gets offended seeing Mehek’s look. Then the family asks them to go to the terrace and talk. Raju asks Mehek about her job. He then says that I want some marketing scheme from your hotel.

Mehek tells him that she works in Taz dhaba, not in Taz hotel. Raju gets shocked and says that your mother had lied to me. He then gets annoyed and goes from there.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Mehek recalling her mother by seeing her pics and says that someone will surely come to take me from here one day and respects me for my work. Then a boy is shown. Now it will be interesting to see that what new story the channel brings to fascinate the audience. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Zindagi Ki Mehek like this.

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