Melissa Etheridge: Supports Brad Pitt & Slams Angelina Jolie In Interview Statement


The Highly-publicized split between the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has started to take very serious steps as there are shocking revelations are taking place after the official confirmation by Angelina for the divorce.

A new news and statement have come out but this time, it is about Angelina Jolie and is being given by Melissa Etheridge, who seems to be very angry from Jolie and her sudden announcement of the Divorce. Melissa who is Brad’s friend from a very long time and is unable to hold back her negative opinion and statements for the divorce.

brangelinashe also shares her emotions and tells that she is very heartbroken because of the news of the divorce. Etheridge who went through the same criticizing and serious situation while battling for her own custody battle with ex Tammy Lynn Michaels in 2010, is giving away while criticizing Jolie and her legal team for all the situations which has been surrounding the divorce.

Etheridge shares some of her worst experience which she has gone through while her own battle. All her sympathy seems to be with Brad as his condition is getting more and worse after the  official statement by her.

When asked by Cohen about all the allegations about Pitt, who got verbally abusive and physical with his son, Etheridge, who also admitted to not having contact with Pitt for a very long time. He even calls him completely unfounded and heartbreaking.

This is not the very first time Melisa has said negative against Jolie, she too put-up some very serious statements over Jolie while she was with Billy Bob and has also experienced her nasty and unexpected mood swings. So the things are getting very serious over this topic of Brangelina Divorce.

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