Mere Angne Mein 10th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Sarla Becomes Shocked

Mere Angne Mein

Sarla cries and says i was alone. Shanti sees her drama. Sarla cries and asks what would she do. She says i was sad and i did not ate anything. Shanti asks Kaushalya to bring Halwa for her. She asks Sarla to come tomorrow for kirtan. Nimmi says we should celebrate as this is great day. She says we want to do Dj party. Shanti says ok do as you wish and i am so happy. Ashok says i will go. Shanti says why and there is happiness and you want to go. He says there are some work. Shanti says i will send tiffin. Ashok says no need as i will eat food of Sarla’s hand. Rani comes.

Mere Angne MeinShe says i will not let this happen. Nirmala says if this will true. Rani gets upset. Nirmla sayz if you will stay with me then i can help you. Rani thinks about that child and he was saying that she is responsible. Rani says i should call Amit. She calls him. He did not pick. She thinks he can tell me only. Amit sees phone and asks what happened. Rani asks where are you. he says why you want to know. Rani says come home early. He says i will not come. Rani says i will go to police station. Amit says if police station is your home. He asks what happened. Rani says a video came to me.

A child was saying that i am coming in between his mother and father. Amit says i am also tensed and he met me also. He gave me rose and saying that i am his father. Raghav says i want to thanks everyone who helped me. Shanti says yes go and thank everyone but resign from job. Kaushalya says what happened. Shanti says i am not talking about railway job but of Job of salesman. Everyone gets shocked. Raghav looks on. Shanti cries. Amit says i will come soon and you should not go to police station. Shanti says what you thought that i will not get to know anything and i keep eyes on everyone. Raghav says yes i did because i have to feed everyone. Raghav asks how you know. She says i know earlier and did not tell you as you will get upset. She feels proud of Raghav. Shanti taunts Shivam that this is responsibility.

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